Thursday, August 23, 2012

Begin Again

I'm a fantasy, I can become anything you please.

I'm an open door, I lead you into the future.

I'm a waiting key, use me to achieve your ends.

I'm a blank canvas, color me to your whims.

I'm a block of clay, shape me as you please.

I'm your first try, the beginning of the future.

Lines and Lies

Read the lines between the lies,
written falsehoods and butterflies.

The night is fading, I can't stay long,
I's almost gone, the words to that song.

Childhood is over, I can't stay asleep,
I'm falling hard and deep.

Where did it all begin?
And where did I get led in?

All The Fish

One fish, two fish,
Mad fish, bad wish...
Three fish, four fish,
Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish...
Five fish, six fish,
What went wrong?
Seven fish, eight fish,
I won't live long.
Nine fish, ten fish,
What was this song?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drowning In My Dreams

Help me, help me, I'm drowning in my dreams.
struggling, struggling, fraying at the seams.
The fear inside of me bubbles and teems.
Help me, help me, the world around me isn't what it seems.
Can you save me, I'm trapped within extremes.
Can you save me, 'cause I'm breaking at the seams.
Help me, help me, I'm drowning in my dreams.
The world around isn't what it seems.
The lie that gilds it glitters and gleams,
but please save me, it isn't what it seems.

Diamonds in the Thorn Trees

Honey-colored strands
are falling out of place
as melted diamonds drip,
landing among the thorn trees;
each one with its own story to tell.

Death on a Lonely Old Road

Walking the forgotten country land,
walking hand in hand,
whispering promises of an eternity together
side by side, hand in hand forever,
when a taxi pulled up alongside us on the road of gravel,
a road few ever get to travel,
and an old friend leaned out, asking us to come with him.

We climbed inside, and before our eyes,
our old friend melted away as the impostor shed his disguise,
and in his place,
with eerie serpentine grace,
sat Death himself, smiling with delight,
grinning at our sudden fright.
On his right hand side,
dressed as a bride,
sat immortality.

As we sat is awe and fright,
the taxi cab burst into light.
In its place a carriage was,
ringing our ears with unearthly buzz.
Death began to speak to us, though I do not know what he said.
We bid goodbye and walked away, leaving silence in our stead.

By The Seashore

Blue waves roll towards the shore
as white gulls dip and dive through the air,
asking tourists for french fries.
Children splash in the waves, laughing
as seaweed washes up and tangles around their ankles.
The gulls' fries and the waves' friendly roar
create a siren's song
luring sweating locals
inviting them to the cool waves,
here on this happy beach.